Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds

Quality Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blinds for Windows

Shades-Of-Yellow woods collection features an exotic range of wooden Venetian blinds distinguished by a rich stained finish. Wooden Blinds are crafted from the finest wood, treated for durability and are finished with a premium coating.

Our Wooden Blinds are environment-friendly, have no smell and are safe for humans with Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). Wooden blinds can be used in bedroom, living room wooden blinds, bathroom wooden blinds and are available in different colors and shades like white wooden blinds, grey wooden blinds, green wooden blinds, cloud white blinds, and many more.

At Shades-Of-Yellow we help you choose , and follow sustainable and ethnic practice in our selling process.

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Wooden Blinds for Living Room

Wooden Blinds looks beautiful in living room. Our essential wood collection add to the beauty of yor home. We have 50+ Colors, Wood type like Solid Wood, Rustic wood, essential wood etc. Our Cloud White Wooden blinds are most used in kitchen. Wooden Blinds can be used as Partition in home, or as Bedroom wooden Blind.

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Wooden blinds at different places at home

We have special accent or faux wood blinds. You can use these in Bathroom or in wet and humid areas.

Wooden blinds Intallation types

Wooden blinds comes in four instllations. Our Easy lift installation options makes lifting wooden blinds very easy or you can also moterize them. Our team will help you pick one as per your need.

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