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Roman Blinds for Windows

Roman blinds won't consume up the room in each side of the window either, so you can boost your space in the most ideal way. They Are Ideal For A Moderate Look. They can be perfect and contemporary, as there are no unnecessary additional textures with them

With Shades-Of-Yellow you can select any fabric from our vast variety of fabric collection. We will convert that in a beautiful Roman Blind for your window . It will look good both inside window recess and outside winodw recess

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Your Questions

How to choose Blinds?

The first step is to probe the Type of the Blinds. There are many types of Blinds such as Light weighted, heavy weighted, sheer, print, textured, Wooden, Venetian, Roman, custom printed blinds that are available. Secondly, the selection of hues plays a vital role in the decoration of your room. To make your room attractive and stylish, you will need to choose contrasting colours always as guests will have a look at the Blinds at first glance. Once the colour is selected. Next is the kind of operating system that you need. We have different installation systems such as with Cord, with String, and also moterized blinds with remote. You can select one based on your liking or based on the window type. We have an option to add sheer curtain with any of our blinds. Bedroom Blinds, Bathroom Blinds, Balcony blinds and shades are also in common.

Can we put Roman blinds in Living Room?

Yes, Window blinds for living room is a very popular choices. Now with shades, designs available in blinds. It looks more beautiful then curtains. We hav boho print blinds, jaipur print, indian designs and global designs blinds. We have vast range of good quality beautiful Blinds Fabric that you can select one.

DO Roman blinds look better inside the window or outside?

Many people say fitting their blinds within the recess delivers a smarter, neater look. They can also fit their blinds to the window frame and can still see treasured items they have added to their windowsills. Nonetheless, less light will get into your room when the blinds are open

How much do blinds cost?

Economical fabricator blinds could starts even less then 100 Rs per sqft. For balcony blinds special kind of blind mecanism can be used. Blinda are also used externally for that PVC blinds are available that are cost effective too and can start from 100 sqft. A good quality branded Roller Blinds will starts from 180 per sqft. Stylist Roman will starts from 280 sqft, Wooden Blinds from 485 sqft. Some innovative products like Smart curtain starts from 980 sqft. You can also automate these blinds that will cost you extra. Even in large metro cities like Banaglore, Delhi very few uses branded blinds and most of them are local fabricators. We offer deep discounts on Branded Blinds that reduce total cost significantly. Apart from fabric/wooden blinds cost , there would be cost for blind mechanism and installation charges.

Blinds and Curtains

The best is to do a mix of both curtains & blinds at home. For example , living room could be decoarted with good fabric curtain while blinds can be used in other rooms like study, kitchen and children room. How we dress our windows must ideally be decided according to the characteristics and functions, and what our room requires. Of course, how it looks matters a great deal too. Curtains are decorative materials (usually fabrics) that are suspended from the top as a screen to obscure light or block air drafts. Blinds are sheath-like coverings (of fabric, jute, metal or wood) that can be pulled down from a roller or channel. Both curtains and blinds have their own set of benefits and drawbacks.
Curtains: Curtain will filter light only in one particular way. For rooms that need multiple light-filtering preferences, layered curtain treatments (installing more than one treatment to a single window) need to be installed. This means added expense.
Blinds: They control light well Venetian blinds have slats, either horizontal or vertical, tied together on a single cord. The cord lets the slats tilt through various angles. These blinds can be adjusted to let in varying amounts of light or block it, according to need and the time of day. Some time both Curtains and Blinds can be used in single window.

What types of blinds are available?

We have 2000+ shades of luxury and economic blinds Window Blinds for home and office in Bangalore and a vast catalog. DesignMyCurtain offers you a complete choice of Window blinds which includes Vertical Blinds, Roller Blinds, Wooden Blinds, PVC Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Aluminium Venetian Blinds, Roman Blinds, Window Blinds, Triple Shade Blinds, Balcony Curtains, Balcony Blinds, Monsoon Blinds, Curtain Track, Industrial blinds, Blinds for cafe, Motorized Curtain, Track Honeycomb Blinds, and Sun control films.

Are Blind Costly?

The cost of blinds vary and depends on factors like the type of materials used or and whether they are manually operated or motorized. As compared to curtains, blinds come with add-on functionalities like light control. They are also a convenient match to the decor of your room, offering best value for their price.

Blinds shops in Bangalore

If you're looking for the best Window Blind store in Bangalore, Design My Curtains offers you the highest quality Window Blind in a wide range at the right price. Our customer’s reviews and customer service make us one of the top Window Blind store in Bangalore.

Beautiful Roman Blinds for Home

Blinds are window coverings made from coated and non-coated fabric, wood and light metal supported with aluminium, wooden and other sturdy components. They are window shades that can be tilt-adjusted for light-control, closed for privacy or blocking the light or can be pulled up to open to an unobstructed view of great outdoors.We, at Shades-Of-Yellow, believe in creating perfect settings across homes and office spaces - an ambience that compliments every mood. And with our exquisite blinds, we aim to make your home a beautiful and a comfortable abode. As leaders in smart light control and motorized blinds, along with our word-class innovative functions, designs and a streamlined manufacturing process, we ensure you get only the best. Our style experts will work with you to suggest the look that will best suit your needs. Whether you want to give your space a contemporary modern look or a classic touch, we’ll help you find the perfect blinds that reflect your home’s personality

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Finest fabric to craete prefect look

We have our selected fabrics that subtly reflect and control light in intriguing ways. You’ll find richer, more fashionable colors, luxurious weaves, unusual textures and even performance fabrics. In addition to our wide array of specially selected, custom textiles.We have choosen thousands of extraordinary fabric and color combinations that reflect the timeless look of handcrafted cotton, linen and silk blends to add beauty, durability and enhanced livability to every room in the house ™

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